The Nesbit procedure is a common and often used technique for penile straightening. It is used to correct a curvature of the penis caused by Peyronie’s Disease. Suitable candidates for this procedure are those whose penis is too curved to permit sexual intercourse. The objective is to straighten the penis by shortening penis length. Peyronie’s disease is already accompanied by loss of length in 80% of the cases. Therefore, it is understandable that any further loss of length puts a great strain on many patients’ well-being.

The Nesbit procedure involves removing an ellipse of tissue from the convex side of the curvature. The aim is to shorten the convex side and ultimately straighten the penis. One of the side effects of the procedure is penile shortening, although patients are generally still satisfied with the outcome of the surgery.

During the Nesbit procedure, the longer/convex side on the curvature is shortened until the penis is straight. Inevitably, straightening the penis causes a loss of length.

If the curvature is not very pronounced, the loss of length is limited. However, more severe cases might suffer more loss.

The Nesbit procedure is a great and safe method for treating penile curvature. It is necessary to consult a doctor with experience and expertise, to succeed in straightening the penis.

Risks of the procedure are: erectile dysfunction, recurrence of the curvature, insufficient straightening and the loss of penis length, which can be perceived as bothersome.

To decrease risks and the loss of penis length during the surgical procedure, the technique has been continuously modified and therefore patients may require further treatment such as:

  • If quality of erection is not affected by the penile curvature, the Incisions and Grafting technique might offer appropriate treatment. The objective of this technique is to straighten the penis while also avoiding loss of penis length.
  • If a patient also suffers from severe erectile dysfunction, placement of a penile prosthesis might be necessary to achieve the desired results.

What to expect after surgery

Patients are hospitalised overnight and may require a catheter. There is likely to be bruising and swelling for a few days. The incision is just below the glans penis and the sutures are dissolvable. Patients should avoid soaking the wound in a bath for the first week but they can shower and keep the wound dry after showering. We advise no sexual activity for 6 weeks. Patients may also be commenced on a PDE-5 inhibitors following the operation after 2 weeks.

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