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London Men's Clinic is home to a team of leading urology and male genitourethral specialists recognised by peers and the community for their commitment and contribution to the field of andrology, genitourethral surgery and urology.

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As a patient of London Men's Clinic, you will benefit from our doctors’ vast experience, in-depth expertise and a personalised approach.

Experience World Class Urological Care

Our team offer today’s most advanced treatments for urological conditions.

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With nine practice locations across London, excellent care is never far for patients.

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With our team approach, patients receive the most extensive evaluation & treatment.

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London Men’s Clinic is a close-knit team of 6 Consultant Urological Surgeons and a Pyscho-sexologist with a specialist interest in Andrology and Men’s health who are dedicated to providing high quality care for male genital conditions.

The clinic treats all male genital and urethral diseases including erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, Peyronie’s disease, male infertility, vasectomy reversal, genital lesions, urethral stricture disease and cancers.

Each consultant is a UK-qualified Urological Surgeon with NHS and University Teaching Hospital appointments. They are highly trained with specialist expertise in the field of andrology, men’s health and male genital surgery.

By choosing London Men’s Clinic, you will be guaranteed consultant-level care throughout your journey from start to finish.

We pride ourselves in the very highest standards of clinical governance, with an ethos of collaborative working, a team approach and mirroring the best of the NHS MDT process for all complex cases.

London Men’s Clinic offers availability for consultations on every weekday and comprehensive post-operative after-care for 365 days a year.

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World Class Urological Care

Our comprehensive suite of surgical and minimally-invasive therapies allows us to treat a wide scope of urologic conditions, uro-oncology diseases and sexual dysfunction in men with high success rates.

We are proud to offer such advanced and effective treatments such as endoscopic and laser surgical techniques. These advanced offerings help their patients get the treatment they need in the least invasive manner possible.

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Experts In Our Field

The team comprises of surgeons, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who manage the treatment of urological cancers.

The team meets on a weekly basis to discuss, in confidence, newly referred patients with a complex diagnosis (or suspected diagnosis) of urological cancer.

Our approach ensures that all necessary investigations are carried out as quickly as possible. Treatment options are then discussed with the patient and their family and started without delay.

Patient Testimonials

Every week we help patients get their daily routines back by treating their urological problems. We are thrilled when they leave us reviews.

Verified Patient Testimonials

I believe that Mr Muneer is excellent at what he does, and I'm very happy that he was my surgeon. Everything was explained clearly and simply. When I had a concern at home during recovery, we arranged an appointment at short notice and I was reassured that all was well.
My surgery was explained clearly and concisely, Mr Rees has a confident yet empathetic manner which I found reassuring. The procedure has greatly improved my day to day life.
Mr Hussain Alnajjar was very supportive and helpful, and i wanted to thank him personally for his knowledge and comfort. i would highly recommend Mr Hussain Alnajjar.
Extremely efficient and professional service throughout. Paul was able to explain my condition and treatment in layman’s terms without baffling me with deep science.
Very reassuring to speak with Prof Persad, good explanation of my issues and future care.
An ultimate professional that puts you at ease with his tone and mannerisms, as expected very knowledgeable. explains your treatment and the plan going forward clearly and concise. Very friendly approach. Would recommend Mr Muneer to anyone.
I have only ever dealt with Mr Rees on urological matters involving surgery. I have always found him to be helpful in explaining matters, having a very pleasant inter-personal manner every occasion.
Mr Alnajjar explained all options and recommendations thoroughly throughout my visits. I was very satisfied with my end treatment outcome.
Mr Hadway is a great urologist. He cares about his patients and he is extremely helpful.
Dr Persad was very professional and explained everything very clearly prior to my operation. I had a vasectomy reversal 15.5 years after my vasectomy. Dr Persad performed my operation brilliantly and my partner is now pregnant 5 months after the op. We will be forever grateful.
Professor Asif Muneer

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Mr Hussain Alnajjar

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Mr Rowland Rees

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Mr Paul Hadway

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Professor Raj Persad

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London Men's Clinic, 16 Devonshire Street, London W1G 7AF

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