Successful artificial urinary sphincter rates are well over 90% thanks to today’s advances in medical technology.

Artificial urinary sphincter implants are designed to help men avoid urinary incontinence after prostate surgery or trauma to the urinary sphincter.

Your urinary sphincter is a muscle that controls the urine flow from your bladder. An artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) is a device that includes:

  • a fluid-filled cuff that wraps around your urethra (tube that carries urine out of your body),
  • a pump in your scrotum (pouch-like sac of skin that holds your testicles), and
  • a balloon in the abdomen.

The fluid inside the cuff helps keep any urine from leaking out. The cuff will remain closed and filled with fluid until you need to urinate.

An artificial urinary sphincter considered the best treatment for urinary incontinence after prostate cancer treatment, which may damage the urinary sphincter and lead to incontinence or urinary leakage.

In most cases, urinary incontinence after prostate surgery resolves within one year. However, long-term urinary incontinence can cause emotional and physical distress, requiring additional treatment.

How is an artificial urinary sphincter procedure performed?

While you are under local or general anesthetic in the hospital, your surgeon will make two small incisions in the groin area and between your scrotum and rectum. Your surgeon places the properly sized cuff around your urethra and passes tubing for the pump into your groin area.

Your surgeon then places the pressure-regulating balloon behind your abdominal muscles and the pump into your scrotum, connecting the attachments to all portions of the implant and ensures it functions properly before closing your incisions. The cuff is locked open for 4-6 weeks until you recover.

Your surgery lasts about an hour, and you can typically return home the same day. Recovery takes 2-3 weeks.

Successful artificial urinary sphincter procedures can be life-changing for patients.

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