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London Men’s Clinic is a closely-knit team of 4 Consultant Urological Surgeons with a specialist interest in Andrology and Men’s health, dedicated to providing high quality care for male genital conditions.

The clinic treats all male genital and urethral diseases including erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, Peyronie’s disease, male infertility, vasectomy reversal, genital lesions & cancers, and urethral stricture disease.

Each Consultant is a UK-qualified Urological Surgeon with NHS and University Teaching Hospital appointments, and is highly trained with specialist expertise in the field of andrology, men’s health and male genital surgery.

By choosing London Men’s Clinic, you will be guaranteed Consultant-level care throughout your journey from start to finish.

We pride ourselves in the very highest standards of clinical governance, with an ethos of collaborative working, a team approach, and mirroring the best of the NHS MDT process for all complex cases.

London Men’s Clinic offers availability for consultations on every weekday, and comprehensive post-operative after-care for 365 days a year. 


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